Moving Wood and a Nest

08 Apr

..OK, so the before shot is from the, I can't wait until everything is green again..the pile is just behind the car.

crud..I had set up the trail camera for some time lapse shots of the wood pile disappearing but the momory card was full so there are no ‘during’s shots..just before and after…booooo!

a very drab after..notice the junk is all gone? No?

A* and I were planning out the areas that we want to work on outside this year and we planned on doing a garden/flower bed over by the chicken coop..with some taller vegitation it will help to cover up the pen area of the coop…the only problem is that the area we want to develop is currently under around 2.5 cords of 8 ft logs that need to be cut. We have FINALLY settled on an area to process and store the wood so we knew that the only choices we had were to either process that wood in the area and move over the chunked wood..or move the logs over and process it in our ‘wood area’..we opted for moving it then processing it. I had a day to myself over the weekend so I got to it..backed the truck up to the current wood pile, load up the logs I could lift, drive over near the side of the house, unload the wood and stack it in the area where we were going to cut it into small lengths that I could then split with the maul…5 loads later I have 3/4 done and cannot move the other logs as they are too heavy. A couple of days later A* has a couple of hours so we grab the heavier logs..while we have not had snow for weeks many of the logs are still frozen together..and the closer I get to the bottom the more ice. We got all of the wood out except 5-6 logs frozen stiff..there was also 2 pallets that have been used as a base for some wood I had cut last year and chunked and burned up in Nov and Dec that I could not we let it sit for a day or 2 again.

When we went out a couple of days later we could move the logs and I lifted up the pallets…and underneath was another squirrel nest and a dead squirrel.

These little buggers have been into everything and in January A* and I took a ‘No tolerance’ attitude towards the squirrels…I think this dead one was one of the victims of the policy shift. I like squirrels just fine but having them eat all of the birdseed, chicken feed, nesting everywhere and chewing up the seat on my motorcycle stored in the shed were too much. Under the pallet was a 1/2 sheed of stryofoam insulation..the hole in the nest was where it rested against the insulation..underneath hay, insulation, wood and 3 feet of snow I bet it was very comfortable in this nest…Come to think of it the squirrel proabably died of heat exaustion.

Anyway, so we got up the wood, moved all of the junk and pallets and now we have a fresh new area to work on in a month or is REALLY uneven but we have some ideas to make it work. The good news is NO MORE HAULING OF THESE LOGS..this is the final place. The funny thing is that of the wood I moved I think 1/2 of it was moved to the location from the location we just moved it we moved it twice for nothing!

Oh, we also disposed of the squirrel and the nest.


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2 responses to “Moving Wood and a Nest

  1. Robin

    April 13, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    I saw that first picture and I thought, “wait a minute, that got really green fast.” lol

    Getting rid of junk is a wonderful feeling that should always be celebrated with a beer in my opinion. hehe

  2. eagergridlessbeaver

    April 14, 2011 at 8:19 am

    I like the cut of your jib! We are hoping this is the last summer we have with junk strewn about..the summer picture makes me long for warm weather and covers over the junk!


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