making maple syrup from sap

14 Apr 12 hours to spare? you like watching paint dry? Have you ever sat outside for a day just to watch the grass grow? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then boiling down sap to make syrup might be a hobby you enjoy. We collected the sap from the maple trees and now we wanted to turn that sap into sweet, sweet syrup.  To do this you apply heat and let the water boil off leaving the concentrated maple sugar..not a complex process..heat until sugary.
The first step was to filter the sap..there was some pieces of bark that had fallen in so we poured the sap through a piece of paper towel. If we had cheese-cloth I would have used that. We are not fancy when making syrup.
wow…what a fine filter you have there!

Since we were going to be boiling the sap I wanted to make sure we had a pot big enough to hold the initial can see that there is a slight tint to the sap so it is not totally like normal water.

after filtering this is how much sap we have..the pot is about 1/5 full

Put the pot on the stove or heating source..let it boil..and boil..and boil. After it has boiled for a while let it boil some more.

the power of reduction at work for you!

The sap will gradually reduce and as it does it gets sweeter..and the color begins to get darker. When it got down low enough I switched to a smaller pot.

..after boiling down enough I switched to a smaller pot

As the liquid gets lower its viscosity also increases…I think that means that it gets thicker in syrup.

almost was sweet at this point

As it gets to the final levels you need to pay more attention..with lower levels of liquid it gets hot faster. If it boils down too much you actually get maple sugar or a burnt mess in your pan.

..almost there…

You can see how dark it is maple syrup. Super sweet!

there. roughly 1 cup of syrup

GOLDEN! The finished product. Yummy! We started with 4-6 litres and got 1 cup from it..The whole process is not hard at all..I proabably spent 1 hour in total tapping, collecting and transferring to pots then it was a waiting game and occasionally checking the process ( I monitor sap levels in the collection areas with my binoculars ). If you ever run out of maple syrup and know that in a week you will need more then I suggest this..or you could just buy some..that might be easier. Maple sap will begin to ebb now so this might be the only batch I get..I should really go into business..I could sell this syrup for $4!



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2 responses to “making maple syrup from sap

  1. Robin

    April 28, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    COOL!!! I saw a ‘how it’s made’ sort of show so I did know the sap got boiled down a crazy amount. BUT…I think it’s just so cool that you made your own syrup. I must admit, I started to giggle when I read that you check the levels with binoculars.

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      April 29, 2011 at 7:22 am

      oh we are a high tech operation here. If it is too foggy and the binoculars will not work I have a syrup pigeons that are trained to go check the syrup then fly away and never comes back again…then when I go to look for the pigeon I can look at how much syrup there is! That syrup was really good with the salmon!


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