starting veggies and prep work in the garden..

20 Apr

..we decided to plant indoors afterall..after discussing it and saying we were not going to do it we decided to do it anyway. A* started a bunch of tomatoes, basil, some ornimental grasses and such..basically 1/2 of the garden boxes have their square foot spoken for.


During the planting I noted to A* that there was a squirrel outside so she took a break to take a shot. Just to make it more challenging for her I constantly adjust the scope on the pellet gun so that it does not shoot the day you need to aim 1 tick higher..another day it needs to be 3 ticks lower..This comment should also help to show how ofter A* checks this blog.

aim high..or low..I think.

Anyway..with all the work going on inside I needed to go outside to do some work. I ripped down that piece of shit greenhouse type structure I built last worked great but without constantly monitoring it the veggies that did start to grow got burnt out..too dry and too hot. We also said that this year we were going to spend more time making sure the pH levels were all OK since it is not something we have been really aware of. We tested the levels of all the boxes and determined the average to be 7.25..or in other words too akaline. It needed some more acid to grow the veggies we want so I added some Peat Moss and tilled it in..I also added some compost from last year that had broken down..All the boxes are now DONE and ready for planting..last day for frost is by then the soil should have properly stablized..and the veggie season can really begin!

'..I missed him again!'


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2 responses to “starting veggies and prep work in the garden..

  1. Robin

    April 29, 2011 at 12:26 am

    Ok, now I really want to shoot my 22 out the window. I’ve never done that before. GRRRR why do we have to have so many neighbours. Also, do you really move the scope? Because that is pure evil.

    We haven’t started any seeds this year. I think we are going to mostly direct sow instead. Maybe next year.

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      April 29, 2011 at 7:37 am

      I little tick here..a turn on top..’moved’ is such an open term…I moved the scope when I handed it to her if we want to be specific..and to be specific I move it..there is something funny about watching someone steel themselves to shoot a squirrel from 15 feet and then miss. I don’t just change the scope to mess with A*..usually I am making modifications due to adjustments to my shooting biorythem…hehe..that’s funny.

      We actually have some other camps in the area who hunt out of the camp in winter/deer season..go inside, light a fire, drink beer sit in the near dark..then shoot with a .308..he has had a deer from the same seat in the same place year after year..not really all that sporting but you cannot argue with results if you want the about cost per pound of meat..$1.20 for a bullet, $20 for beer and you get 150 pounds of venison. That is one thing I DO like about pellet real restrictions and many in the US are almost as powerful as a .22..we have fps (feet per second ) restrictions in Canada where no pellet gun can go faster then Superman after he has been exposed to 1/10 of a kg of kryptonite for 7 minutes. Rigourous testing standards, I know.


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