Yet another sign of Spring..

27 Apr

didn't have a picture of a obey this toad/frog instead! All Hail the Glorious Hypnotoad...

..this is one of my the evening and into the night are the sounds of Spring..with Spring Peepers! You can hear them just begin to croak just as the sun sets and it becomes a chorus of chirping, croaking and ribbits. We have many small sources of water in and around the property but going into May many of them dry up..A* and I try to do our part to help out by taking the egg sacs from waters that will dry up and putting them into the deeper pools that stay all summer..I would spend many afternoons in the swamp as a child..leaving school in clean clothes to return home hours later with sopping shoes and brown mud stained clothing. This is really one of the last ‘signs of spring’ as far as nature is concerned…

Summer is when we see the net results..toads and frogs everywhere..they start as small fingernail sized toads and frogs and in the fall they are full sized..need to be careful where you step as the whole place is crawling ( and hopping ) with them!

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