New Chickens

29 Apr

..are in the works. Our hen has been broody so rather than fight it we have chosen to embrace it.

When we first decided to let her sit we had no idea what would be entailed..but chickens have been hatching for decades without our help..ok more than decades.  When chickens are sitting on their eggs they do not eat or drink much..they spend all of thier time keeping the eggs warm and adjusting the eggs..but they do need thier own area to grow up in saftey away from other hens and roosters. Other hens will sometimes kill other chicks so we needed a small coop at ground level. With us we wanted it to be:

  • small
  • easy to set up
  • easy to move
  • easy to dance to
  • secure
  • done quickly

..that was all of the criteria we were looking for..since last year we have had a doghouse that someone was giving away..basically 4×4..I had turned it into a Chicken Hospital last year but that plan is to turn it into a ‘hen-den’ over a couple of nights…I have 1 night completed now and 1 more to go.

I actually need to hurry up..I noticed that the other non-broody hen is still laying eggs in the box with the broody hen so its going to mess up the heat and we will probably end up with many unfinished eggs when she is done sitting..usually a day or 2 after the last chick hatches. I figure it will be done tonight and I will post something up then with how it all shook down.

Its actually funny..I read many blogs about small-time farming, off-grid and other related topics and 4-10 I read daily are doing versions of the same thing now themselves..some bought and some are going au natural…great to have so many references to go by!


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2 responses to “New Chickens

  1. Robin

    May 5, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Boy would I love to have chickens the natural way. lol. That is probably one reason why I am so excited about having some roosters this year.

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      May 6, 2011 at 9:51 am

      hehe. I am a little behind in my posts..I have 4 that I have where I still have not downloaded the shots from my camera..She is all settled in now..but after we moved her she had 12 eggs and only started with 5 so there are going to be many that don’t hatch..if they hatch. I think not moving her quick enough meant that the other hen was still laying eggs in the box with we have extra eggs for the week she was still in there..We are going to wait until next Friday to see what happens then try again if no hatch. bummer but it only cost us a few eggs and we now know what we did wrong.


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