A week now

12 May

..we put our clothes out last saturday and most of it dried then..but some was still damp so we put it back on…5 days ago. We hvae had around 20 hours of sun in the last 3 weeks…someone make it stop raining!


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One response to “A week now

  1. Robin

    May 27, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    I just got my clothes line put up outside. It’s amazing because on a sunny day I can do three loads of laundry and have it all dry by the end of the day. Or wash a blanket and have it dry and put back on the bed for that night. Before I got my outdoor line I could only do one load every couple of days. Clothes doesn’t seem to dry as fast inside. I want to do some more laundry but it’s pouring outside and the coming weeks weather looks like rain and more rain. Bleck. On the bright side, I always have an excuse for why I haven’t washed the laundry in a month. hehehe


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