Hatchet Tornado Claims 2 Victims.

15 May

3 chickens left…and no more on the way soon..The hen sat on those eggs for 3 weeks and did not get off..but having extra eggs laid by the other chicken upset the balance..During the week we had been checking the hen making sure it was all OK but the last couple of days the stench was Saturday we decided that we would get her off the eggs and back with the other chickens for a couple of days before trying again. We took her off the eggs and made her go outside while we cleaned the area..there were only 8 eggs left..most had already fully developed chicks but the others were not developed at all..we opted for the garbage for the bunch. STINKY. As soon as we got her outside she was accosted by 3 roosters. I guess chivarly is as dead as romance..this sort of put me over the edge…I had been trying to give away 2 roosters for weeks to no avail so we decided that today was the day we took care of business and gave the hens more room to move without the constant fear of being mounted.

“Which one of the roosters will we keep” (A*)

“Ah..there is one that can fly out and back in..we will keep him and call him ‘Birdy’ after the birdman from Alcatraz. We will put the 3 roosters back in the pen and when he gets out we will take care of the other 2.”

So we chased the roosters and got them into the pen..Within 2 minutes ‘Birdy’ was out and back with the hens.  The 2 left got caught in a hatchet tornado. So never know what the weather will bring. We did not eat these 2..we just dumped them unceremoniously into a garbage bag… ‘Birdy’ seems a little confused as to how he became king but I wrote it all out for him in an explaination so he can read it when he grows up..the hens seemed much more relaxed.


We are going to wait a week and try again with the hen and eggs. I think it will work out fine. I can tell you this is only 1/3 as noisy as it was just yesterday.


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2 responses to “Hatchet Tornado Claims 2 Victims.

  1. Robin

    May 27, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    I really shouldn’t laugh but a hatchet tornado? I’m groaning, just groaning. :D

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      May 27, 2011 at 10:07 pm

      It was before the US tornado..I hope nobody is offended by that. We don’t get tornados here but I did see a picture on reddit today of a metal pole sticking through a concrete curb. It has also been said that if you put an infinite amount of monkeys typing on an infinate amount of typewriters they would eventually type out the complete works of william shakespeare. If these are possible it seems reasonable to state that I call my hatchet Tornado. Seems ironic that a tornado would tornado Tornado at such s speed that a curious rooster lost his mind. Ps – if it were me I would teach those infinite monkeys how to copy would be faster. Groan.


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