Japanese Maple Planting

15 May

Since we got into our place we have 2 things..cut them down and burn them in the fireplace for wood..Last week A* and I bought a couple more trees/shrubs when we saw a good deal..It is the right time of year to plant trees so rather then wait we found a place in the front of our place. The Japanese Maple is not a big tree..but it is purplish and will add some color and shade to the front of the house. We did not want to out it in a place that blocked our view while we were in the house so we created a Bermuda Triangle with the 2 Nootkas..with the Japanese Maple being in between the other 2.

 ..a rocky sample of the area to be dug to plant..

the ground is ROCKY..I thought it was bad..then I started digging in. It was slow going..switching from pick to shovel as I went..the pick when I was trying to wedge in between rocks and the shovel then I wanted to dig out actual soil..I did not need the shovel much.image

imageIt is blackfly season now..A* is sporting a functional and fashionable mosquito net..these things are the only things that keep me sane when working outside..there is literally a cloud of blackflys around us as we work this time of have to have all of your body covered or they get in..for example I wear tight fitting clothes with my pants tucked into my socks with a long t-shirt that can be tucked into my pants without pulling out when I bend over..I learned the hard way in year 1 with 30 bites on my back when I wore a shirt too short that would uncover my back when I bent over. The flys only last a couple of weeks..but we are in the midst of a heavy season off flys! All of the rocks that are in the picture came out of the hole..It was more rocks then dirt..which makes me worried for the 2 Nootkas since I did not go down nearly as far into the earth when I put them in..We wanted more of a raised bed with this that we can expand upon in the future..
imageBackfilling the hole with dirt and compost took 2 trips down to get it all..the hole was deeper than I thought and we were also building up to the top of the rocks so it was higher than the ground around it..On the future we might level off the ‘lawn area’ and we don’t want to have the trees in a depression that will make it water-logged. You also get a shot of the new birdbath..we were driving home last week and someone was throwing out the base..there was no top but we got the new top for 50% off..just a temporary space for it for now..not sure where we are going to put it in the future..

ANd the tree planted. Dig down enough so that the top of the soil in the plant is going to be level with the soil..throw down some bone meal and bloodmeal…then backfill the tree..We made the soil mix slant away from the tree..with all this rain there is more than enough moisture. All done..we will mix out some of the smaller rock in the future but for now we have the start of a new bed..a new Japanese Maple and a hunk-a-hunka burning rocks. I cannot state how shocked I was by the amount of rock in here..shocking.


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2 responses to “Japanese Maple Planting

  1. Robin

    May 27, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    Ok that is just an impressive amount of rock that came out of that hole.

    I don’t know if I have ever heard of blackflys before. They sound really nasty. I hate mosquitoes as they always go for me. Guess I’m super tasty but I sure wouldn’t mind if they all wanted to snack on Lee instead. :)

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      May 27, 2011 at 9:53 pm

      I kept on thinking the same thing. Whack. Impressive a rock. (5 minutes getting it out). Whack. Impressive a rock. (15 minutes getting it out). Whack. Impressive a rock. (5 minutes getting it out). ..repeat for 2 hours. Hehe. What was impressive was when I did not whack a rock. I am getting way better at digging up areas that would normally be dug up..its in the wrists. Hehe..blackflies are like smaller mosquitos that move fast and are more swarmy..I hate them more than mosquitos but they come about when water is flowing like in spring with heavy rains. They are usually bad for 2-3 weeks here then they are gone. This spring we scored a bumper crop of minature short legged blood suckers. Jango is a magnet.


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