A Sweet Find

18 May

A* and I were driving home from work the other week..

A*: ‘Did you see that?’

Me:”No..what? A dead cat?’

A*: ‘No..a base for a birdbath..go back and grab it!”

..the base was in the garbage..not that I care. It did not have a top but I knew where I could get a good deal on one so we went back and grabbed it out. While we were garbage picking I glanced up at the house who had put out the garbage and 2 people were watching I gave a wave..threw in the 100lb base into the back seat of the car and sped off.

A concrete company is in the area and was in the process of packing up for a move the following week when we arrived the next afternoon..all of the tops of the birdbaths were $50 off..nice. The base does have some paint or something on it..I hope the birds are not put off by the mismatched we just need some filthy birds to wash. hehe..that sounds too funny to change.

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