Hummingbirds need FOOD

26 May

Walking around the yard yesterday I heard some strange chirping..then I noticed flying greased lightning


It has been SO cold around here that I assumed that the hummingbirds were still vacationing in sunny Florida! ..the problem was that I had no nectar..thank Dog I knew of a place where they had this info..the series of tubes called the interweb. Turns out I was wasting money buying nectar mix..all you need is 4 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar..boil to kill off clorine and other nasty stuff..allow to cool down then serve it in a hummingbird feeder with a slice of lime as a garnish. Ok, no lime on the old bartending trick to make drinks look better..hehe. I put it out but got no when I walked outside I scared 2 away..they appear to love it..I was a little worried because last year they would not use this feeder no matter what I did..maybe the vacation over their winter made them more tolerant to feeders that are not shaped like flowers.

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