Another bed

17 Jun

A* was out at my Moms last weekend when I was camping. When I got home and asked what she had been up to she mentioned that she had ‘..done some yard work at your Moms..’ What that really means is that she cleared out some more annuals and I came home to 3 heaping bags of annuals that needed a place to live. We are actually running out of room in the more established flower/shrub beds..there is room in 1 but I need to go in with the pick to loosen it up and add some compost…so we chose down at the end of the driveway. It has been more of an overflow area for our stuff. We chose an area near the top of the hill and I started digging..after digging the hole for the Japanese Maple this was a breeze! Almost no rocks! To do this small bed might have taken me 15 minutes. After excavating we added some compost and mixed..then the planting began.

imageThe idea for us is to keep on filling this area near our driveway..SInce it was so easy I might come back this weekend and do another..We also might put up a little bit of a pseudo-fence to frame in the area..dunno..we will have to see.
imageI will take the time now to tell you to the best of my ability what annuals we planted: ones with flowers. Yeah..annual names are not really my strong suit.

Small also gave us some more ideas..not sure if that is good or bad…we are scheduled for MORE RAIN this weekend..we were spoiled  yesterday and today when it only rained for 1/2 the day yesterday and all day sun today. I hate to keep bringing up the weather but it is really unusual to have this much rain..and it really is wreaking havoc on my veggies.


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2 responses to “Another bed

  1. Robin

    June 17, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    HAHA Ones with flowers huh? Such a guy. Ok to tell the truth I don’t know many annual names either. I usually pick them out by their pretty flowers. Then Lee asks me what I got and I say…”I dunno, but its pretty and it smell good.”

    Maybe one day your little spinaches will get bigger. Probably in August when it decides to have more than two days of sun. I will say you are ahead of me on your mini spinach. The one time I tried growing it it mocked me by its lack of growth before it committed suicide.

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      June 21, 2011 at 9:21 am

      hehe..yeah. I don’t know art or flowers but I know what I like. :)


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