Start task 3

22 Jun

I wanted to say that I started task #3 so I pulled off the covers to the stacked  pine boards. All started! hehe. Anyway..I took off the cover and this huge guy was there..this is one of the most aggressive type of snakes in the area..capable of taking down a full size baby toad. Beware!imageOK..really he was about 1.5 ft long. A Garter snake..pretty well the only type of snake around here that I have ever seen..with the exception of a ring-neck snake. Both never get very big. When I saw him I told Jango that there was a squirrel up on top of the pile so he jumped up..and then freaked out. I don’t think he has ever seen a snake. The snake fell into the grass..
imageAnd for the next 5 minutes Jango was literally looking where he stepped and though every tall piece of grass was a snake…I have never seen him so nervous. That lasted 5 minutes then he stopped looking where he was going and was bounding around the woodpile again like he had never seen the snake in the first place..the joy of a dogs memory..ignorance is bliss.
imageAnd the uncovered wood..the first thing I need to do is square off this batch…I am going to take off the edges and then begin making it all smooth..this time we are going to do it all then put it all in..not like the bedroom..We learned so much on that project and I don’t want to make the same mistakes twice.
imageThe humidity of the wood is near perfect..give it a couple more days then I will start..hopefully this weekend if the weather is cooperating.

And miracle of miracles..something is growing. This is near where the rabbit has been hanging out so we will see if these ever get to the point where they are red..they certainly are big enough..small patch so far but it keeps extending every year…


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2 responses to “Start task 3

  1. Ron

    June 22, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    I haven’t seen a garter snake since I was a kid, visiting grandpas place.

    I put that dead rat snake out there for the dog to sniff, and he was scared crapless. Haha. A few days later, he was chewing on what was left and rolling on it. Now, hopefully, he’s smart enough not to tangle with a copperhead again. :)

    We started with 8 sickly strawberries from a big-box store, and they have multiplied a whole lot.

  2. Robin

    June 29, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    We caught a garter snake in a vole trap last week and I felt really bad. And I don’t even like snakes.


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