Soil envy

08 Jul

My driveway goes right through an area where someone is removing dirt for fill. I was caught in a traffic jam earlier this week..and the whole area that was covered in brush is now removed and underneath is brown gold. Not sure where he got his mining tips from but the area underneath those little trees is maggoty with dirt…it is everywhere. I really want a bunch..I don’t even care is he bothers to make it into bars..I can just use it to fill in the dips and valleys..and bring up some big rocks..I dunno. No. I need to save my money, I want a shipping container.

Hehe. Looks like there was a burrow of some sort in one of the dug out other signs of life around there though.


The last shot is of a neighbor who flies. He is the dot in the sky which resembles a mosquito. When he streams overhead in his bright yellow plane he gives a tip of the wing to let you know he sees you waving.

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One response to “Soil envy

  1. Ron

    July 9, 2011 at 12:44 am

    I sure would love to truck in a bunch of that black soil that gets wasted when they build houses in the upper midwest. Down here, the soil is thin and rocky, so that stuff is a precious commodity if a person wants to grow anything besides blackberries.


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