Chick update

20 Jul about putting all your eggs in one basket. The 6 eggs have finished! We get a chick! I was expecting more! I don’t know why I am using so many explaination points considering I am peeved about it! Stop

Some friends came over for the night and I was relegated to the snoring hammock of shame. My sister and a friend joined A* inside and I got the hammock tent. Truthfully I was looking for an excuse. Slept like a rock..the major improvement was the neck airplane scrunching of the neck or having a pillow ruin the flow of the hammock.

The shot that is dark was my emergency heating area..and a blurry chick. I wanted a shot that best emulated the eyesight of a newly hatched chick…or poor cameraphone can decide for yourself because I know my shots skeak for themself…so does my spelling…begone evil software spell-check! Speak for themselves. Themself? Blurg.



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2 responses to “Chick update

  1. Ron

    July 21, 2011 at 12:59 am

    If I had a nifty hammock tent, I’d find excuses to use it too. :)

    Actually, I tend to disappear when company has been here for more than an hour. You can probably find me out in the pole barn, pretending to work on something, or in the chicken coop (doing important ‘chicken research’), or maybe out and about in the woods, supposedly finding mushrooms or something. You know… so the family can eat. Because I am the provider, after all. That what I say. Heh.

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      July 21, 2011 at 9:02 am

      hehe..I wanted to try it out again when I was alone and could snore to my nasal passages content! As one who is an extroverted introvert I know eggactly what you mean..had to throw in a chick/egg joke…NOt that I am in any way calling anyone an extroverted IS important to feed the family..without food they will be cranky! hehe


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