Inside brooder again

25 Jul

..we lost 2 chicks last night..I think it was from the hen but I am going to be more diligent this time with the inside brooder. I went to a bigger container which I put inside another bin of the same size. In between I have a thick wool blanket which insulates from outside temperatures. I have given them some electrolytes with the water in the fancy chick waterer I made from a small water bottle. I bought a ceramic light fixture and wired it with some spare lamp plug wire I had, drilled a hole in a piece of extra wood from the flooring cut to the width of the inner bin ridge then attached it with some screws. Inside the bin I needed a central hotspot for heat. With only a 13 watt cfl bulb for heat it needed concentration so I cut a hole to fit inside a smaller box with an entryway cut in. Then I cut a hole in the side of the bin for the cord and temperature gauge and drilled some holes on top for ventalation…The temperature went from 20c to 27 in about 15 minutes and when the chicks got in it went from 27c to 30.9 in 10 minutes..but then again I think a chick is on the remote gauge for the temperature reader inside the box. I love these temperature gauges..simple but so effective. Hopefully this all works out. I am happy with the simple design and it uses around 300 watts in power a day..hopefully my 2×75 watt panels will keep up…the battery bank has seemed to be doing fine so far..we never really put the bank through ANY kind of tests like this.

Hehe..5 years ago I would have thought that last sentence was crazy. Its is only 300 watts..2100 watt a day lower for a 100 watt bulb which is recommended for growing chickens indoors, great for offgrid chick rearing as far as energy consumption is concerned..I could not find any references online for brooding with a cfl bulb so cross your fingers..and obviously this would not work for more chicks then can crowd around a lightbulb to sleep..the cfl does not burn a chick like a 100w bulb they can get fairly close..I am not sure if I referenced the age of the chicks but I don’t think this setup would work for chicks under a week old..they need even higher temperatures..another massive bonus, the wool really dampens the noise of the chirping chicks…

I will report back with some temperature readings once the chicks get out of the hotspot and can get an accurate temperature reading…the shots of the chicks are the only way that I can see inside the hotspot, that is how I look at them…also this is a longer post for a phone then I am comfortable with editing or correcting spelling errors..go with it.



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2 responses to “Inside brooder again

  1. a*

    July 25, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    Yes chickies have caused headache and a little heartache, however, I think our new and improved brooder will deliver what they need. A slightly annoying inconvenience, but who doesn’t need a little summer drama?Plus that little naked neck is incredibly cute… I really hope he’s not a rooster…..da da da da

  2. Ron

    July 25, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    Nice setup, I hope it works out for you. If you can get them to a few weeks old, it’s pretty much all downhill after that.

    I once read about “cold” brooders. The idea was a really well insulated small space, where the chicks themselves kept it warm enough. I don’t think there was any supplemental heat. I couldn’t find enough to satisfy myself, though, so I’ve run a 50 watt bulb, unplugging it during the day.


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