A foul mess

16 Aug

or more like fowl mess..we have 1 chick who is smaller and always chirping for more warmth..T-Bar the hen has no chicks and has been sitting in an empty nesting I combined the 2 and late one evening I put ‘twirp’ unner T-bar..the chick stopped chirping and went to sleep and T-bar loved it!..then the chick wakes up and is terrified and flies away back to the others..5 big deal, it was worth a try. Except now T-bar thinks that chick is hers and all of the chicks are terrified of T-bar gets close and the chicks chirp in distress so T-bar thinks there is danger for ‘her’ chick and starts chasing all the other chicks. Blurg. Now T-bar no longer broods but spends her days circling the chick coop..I put her back in after night to sleep..tonight is the first night that 2 chicks graduated to sleeping on the roost by themselves..getting close! I liked it better when T-bar was in self imposed solitary confinement…I think she was lonely since that wicked storm hit last month and claimed the rooster who shall remain nameless.

Ma (the other hen)and chickie have taken their act back to the birthing coop after frequent squabbles with T-bar..they keep having the same misunderstanding where T-bar attempts to sit on chickie.

..this blog is getting odd.


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One response to “A foul mess

  1. Robin

    August 19, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    Our chickens are driving us insane. We butchered one rooster that wouldn’t stop crowing hoping that we could get some peace. Nope, some other twerp took his place. We have hens in recooperation huts because of the boys. We have chickens still eating eggs. We have food and water issues. We have lots more boys to butcher. ARGGGGG!!!!! Somebody please just take that these stupid chickens from us before I snap!


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