Shed Roof Patch

26 Sep

..finally bought the bits I needed to secure the inside from chipmunks and weatherproof and secure the roof again. We started inside the shed with some 1inch screws to keep the critters out. For the roof A* would brace from the inside as I pulled the roof panels tightly together and clamped the length of the roof that had pulled apart. After that I secured the roof pieces with caulk/silicone and the 1inch screws.

After that we applied a liberal coat of caulk on the whole seam and all of the old and new screw holes. We were a little sloppy with the caulk due to a bad cut on a stopped tube of caulk..and too liberal as we basically ran out with 1/3 more to do…we reslopped it in some areas and tranferred the excess to the unfinished seam so we had a base coverage.

On the side to support the beam I screwed 3 new 3inch screws into the beam for extra support..not that it will matter too much since I am going to build some braces for the internal support anyway.


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Posted by on September 26, 2011 in Construction


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