Potential Winter To Do List

28 Sep some todo lists on some other blogs and it got me to thinking of all the things I need to do this winter…and fall..but mostly winter.

..lets think about all these projects...

2011 Winter ToDo list..with an old shot from a previous winter of professor Jango.he ate his monocle.

– survive winter. Winter is no laughing matter in these parts..we will be running the stove all of our waking hours this winter..until mid April usually..boooooooo. Suriving winter this year also means making sure everything else survives..water heater, shed, roof..etc. So..once a month we clean out the stove pipe and stove, once a week haul wood, every major snowstorm shovel off the various roofs..and of course make sure the chickens have food and unfrozen water..and speaking of unfrozen water..if out of the house for more than a day make sure to drain the pipes..especially the pipe inside the water heater!!

– more bookshelves – we know we want more bookshelves..not for too many books but the space to store stuff. An easy job if we can mind duplicate support braces..IF!

– all inside trim is ready but I am procrastinating until I time where I need project success…sometimes our projects are highly experimental and lead to a dead end..I like having a couple of projects that I know I can do..and do quickly.

– jango perch..finish the project I started earlier in the week.

– decide on kitchen area – cupboards, floor, propane fridge position…all must be decided.

– stack 2 cords of wood – we ordered 2 more cords of wood for good measure. I figure we have 2 years worth when this 4 cords arrives..wood for the winter is like $$ in the bank.

cover all wood so it is nearly impossible to get wet.

– plan next years landscaping we want a big garden? Do we want a large flat space? Do I start too many sentences with ‘do’?

– 12 volt pump and cistern – even if it is a small cistern ( like super-small even ) I want a version of a cistern this winter. AND..hook up that 12v pump so we can start doing even more with solar. Our water is the only thing on 120v right now that needs the generator.

– finish chunking up cut trees AND cut down a bunch of trees. We want to open up the rear of the chicken coop to allow more sun in.

finish prototype of solar heater..this project took the backseat then the needs to be a hood ornament.

– read 20 books..the last 3 months I am only averaging a book a gets dark here at 7 now and it has 3 months of getting worse before it starts improving so there is nothing to do until April when the rain is washing the snow away..I have some good books lined up too..I am excited.

– finish one of my arduino security projects..I have some automated tasks/stupid security I am working laptop is in terrible shape and is basically worthless..not sure what I want to do about this situation.

– rerun brake lines on truck or pay to get it done. The truck is not inspected due to $$ to put it on the road. We don’t really want it for the road but we want it to last for yardwork and winter tree-plowing…brakes are important…especially when we want to stop.

– sell the scooter ( spring )..A* used her vespa 2 times in 2 years…nobody is judging but it may be time to part with this space taking lawn ornament.

– attic entryway – sure I am part monkey but it drives me bananas trying to get into the attic. this could lead to the second part of attic work..making a room in the attic..once more. Attic.

– drain and clean well

– winterize the garden with compost and cover with hay to protect it all from the hard elements

– burlap enclosure for the japanese maple for the first winter to protect it from heavy snow

– renovate the tree needs an overhaul. Not planning to hunt from it or anything but I think I heard some deer snickering at its dilapitated state…we have a certain reputation to uphold.

…I could keep going but why bother. I am sure the only thing I will end up doing is surviving least I hope I do!


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2 responses to “Potential Winter To Do List

  1. Robin

    October 9, 2011 at 2:21 am

    That is a long list. I’m pretending that we don’t have a to-do list. lol All I want to get done this winter at our place is drywall.

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      October 9, 2011 at 10:57 pm

      While messy nothing makes a place look complete like drywall. And tape. And mud…and dust. Vapor barrier seals to the rescue!


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