Passive Solar Heater Prototype part 2

04 Oct

Did a little more work on the prototype passive solar heater. The junk has been lying around so I slapped part of it together. The back piece, window and tar paper were all out behind the shed so I dragged the wet materials all out, attached the back piece, nailed in some side pieces where the window will sit so there will be something to caulk to attach the window to and then I cut the tar paper to size and stapled it in. It is a closed system so the tar paper will never enter the heated air chamber…that was it though as I forgot my drill at my moms place when I fixed her dryer on the weekend..and I need A* to help me caulk as I need someone to tun the cans as I apply the caulk to get an even seal..soon!

image Caulk, drill, paint and final attachment..only an hour or 2 of work left for this version. So far it has been helpful doing the prototype and I have some good ideas how I will do a bigger version with less hassles…#1 is to take out the tabs and drillhole reminants from the cans when drilling instead of during assembly.

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