The Hounds of Rock

11 Oct

..woke up today with a case of sore-legitus. Some of those trails yesterday were punishing..I guess it should be expected with an elevation change of 400 ft over a short distance..then multiply it anytime we stopped. One thing we neglected to do was to take shots of the actual B&B though..

So we spent most of the day in the Parrsboro beaches/fossil areas…most beaches we were the only ones on them too..which is nice because it allows me to howl when I am rockhounding..I like to keep it authentic. According to some of my research on rockhounding..look for areas of major on one of the beches I climbed up the side of a washout..after about 75 feet up I found a really cool boulder with a greenish-blueish idea what it was but there was no chance to move it..a neat rock anyway. On the same beach there was a series of buildings and orchards that had fallen onto the beach after years of erosion..I have never been on a beach with apple trees on it..usually it is palm

Then we were on our way home. We stopped at Economy Falls, some shopping and we also drove all the way around the bay of Fundy to see the massive mud flats which are exposed when the worlds highest tides receeds..shocking really.  A fun trip..I cannot believe this was the first time there for us but we will be back..we also really liked one of the parks where you could do a 30 km hike and along the way you reserve we might also do that.


The creepy orange dude is Glooscap..I figure it is just a matter of time before this monument takes over the world..he was spooky.

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