Dog Training 101

23 Oct

Exaustion assists in teaching a 9 month old dog not to whine in the house.
Week one is now in the books with Loki..shes gotten off leash twice and cornered the free range chickens (no biting just cornering), chewed a scratch mark into the new flooring and boxed Jango nightly( she rears back on her hind legs and swats Jango in the muzzle ). Overall shes been great and has been responding to training is more us who need corrections. We have needed to change our habits in making sure things are puppy-proof: couches covered (so the young excited errant claws don’t scratch the leather) ,leashing (has been an almost forgotten task over the last 5 years), new garbage can with flip lid, kennel living room as a focal point as well as my favorite:washroom breaks on the dogs schedule. On the positive side Jango and Loki seem to be getting along really well..still some trust issues but they have had no blowups. Loki could play for 12 hours in a row but Jango is no spring chicken and he has fun for a couple of minutes and then he wants out.
Loki is cute and has a good personality but it is all going to take time to get her where we are all comfortable..time and training..for everyone. These posts have nothing to do with being offgrid or anything but I want to document what I can. With our old dog Nova we were are already forgetting her ages and accomplishments and it would be nice to think we have these online memories to remind us now.



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2 responses to “Dog Training 101

  1. Robin

    November 5, 2011 at 2:32 am

    Oh, I SO don’t miss the new dog training thing!

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      November 5, 2011 at 10:04 am had been really 15 years since we had a pup this age with this much energy..I like training dogs that respond..when they respond that is. Hehe


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