Final Stove Prep for Burning

30 Oct

..darg. ok wood burning season is need to deny it any today A* and I set to cleaning out the stove, pipe and choppping wood..the 3rd p is for pro. Anyway, up on. The ladder I went..we try to do this regularly so we can do it all in about 1/2 hour. Off with the exterior stove top and in with the sweep brush…vigourously plunge the entire pipe length for 5 minutes..remove and replace the cap. Then A* removes the inside access for the pipe until clean…replace access cover…the end…and then we light it up..

Now we get to burn some of the crappier wood until the real cold weather hits! I must is nice to have a working oven again..I put some potatoes in there to bake in july and they still were not done!

image A* felt it prudent to make sure the oven still worked by baking up a batch of brownies..nice.


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2 responses to “Final Stove Prep for Burning

  1. Sonny

    November 2, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Yep, don’t want any chimney fires. Near the end do last season I had to burn about a month of not green but not seasoned wood.

    It quickly put a creosote build up on the walls of my woodstove pipe. Had to do a cleaning in late Feb.


    • eagergridlessbeaver

      November 2, 2011 at 8:06 pm

      ..yeah don’t I know it. Had a mini flue fire before..which is why we clean almost monthly anyway now. 1/2 hour a month is not worth the panic of a fire, even if nothing catches the noise is terrifying. In our case it was not due to the actual chiminy but had built up underneath our oven..a small enough build up..once it quickly was out (A* missed most of it in bed while I was reading then acting) I once again told myself that inaction would no longer be a cause for, shovelling and draining..winters arch enemies! And salt. Thanks for stopping by!


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