Yearly Propane and Winter Solar Panel Repositioning

12 Nov

..we don’t like paying bills but we do like hot water so we topped off our tanks before winter. I was last November when we last got our propane delivered. 2 people for 1 year and basically 2 months of spot starts in april/may and october for our propane wall heater. Sweet..we have upped our usage every year so far..year 1 we basically did not use the heater at all and the top off was under $30..I thought there was a problem that year when the guy started filling the tank then stopped all within 1 sentence as we chatted.

The solar panels needed a winter adjustment for an optimal gain to compensate for the lowered angle of the solar elipsis(.sounds like too technical an explanation for putting a 6×6 board under our homemade stand.hehe) . Once I have more trees down I will finalize the location of the stand too..It is getting too much shade where it is but I am on the fence if I should just move it or cut down the offending trees..soon.

In some other snapshots – Jango and Loki share a chew toy and do their best ‘Lady and the Tramp’ meets ‘Freaky Friday’ impression..this is one of their friendly inside quiet games and the other inside friendly quiet game is to try to bite each others teeth while barking incessantly ( which loki does from partially underneath our bed) – A* teaches the chickens to fly ( she is working at a grocery store giveaway where they are throwing live chickens out of a helicopter and she wants them prepared! Hehe) – a daredevil ladybug temps fate..I am in a touque and I didn’t see any mittens on that ladybug. – darg..wrong picture but I am not going back..A* is actually feeding Hoppy and gonzo..the chicks are getting big..We see the old hens chase them less and less. (You should have seen that shot of the flying lesson!)


..edited for clarity..I just read this post online and it did not make any sense and wordpress did some funky things..and my spelling was terrible.


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2 responses to “Yearly Propane and Winter Solar Panel Repositioning

  1. Robin

    November 21, 2011 at 1:22 am

    What is it with those dang lady bugs? They are dying everywhere in our house and the bodies are piling up because I hate vacuuming. Grrrrr!

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      November 22, 2011 at 7:37 am

      hehe..we do too..but these days we call it shop-vac’ing..more power in a shop vac! I was shocked to see the ladybug..tough critters!


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