More Meteors with guest star, the Leonids.

14 Nov

..another meteor shower..we had the asteroid last week so I did not bother posting about the Taurids..but this week we have one of the better meteor showers of the year ( traditionally ) so I am going to give you a couple of days advance warning:

November 17, late night until dawn the following morning Leonids

The Leonid meteor shower is famous. Historically, this shower has produced some of the greatest meteor storms in history – at least one in living memory, 1966 – with rates as high as many thousands of meteors per hour. These storms sometimes recur in cycles of 33 to 34 years. Most years, the Lion whimpers rather than roars, producing a maximum of perhaps 10-15 meteors per hour. Like the October Orionids, the Leonids ordinarily pick up steam after midnight and display the greatest meteor numbers just before dawn. This year, however, the last quarter moon will be shining near the radiant point of the shower in the constellation Leo. The unwelcome presence of the moon is sure to dampen the 2011 Leonid display. If you’re game, you can try watching from late night November 17 till dawn November 18, though the moonlit glare will subdue the 2011 Leonid meteor shower. basically the moon is going to be too bright to see all of the normal meteors..but if you find yourself up at 5am go out and take a look..( go to be an hour or 2 earlier if it is going to be clear..what? Like you have something better to do at 5am?;) ). I am going to out there with my baseball mit as per usual..this could FINALLY be the meteor shower where I catch a falling star! No not really.

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