It’s a’s a plane..

16 Nov, it’s a flashlight. I am sure some of you might recall me saying we have no power outages..well last night we had a bump. The power was low due to not getting much sun as of late and last night it shut off. My inverter shuts off power @ 65% power so it is not like we are out…I disconnected the system and checked it all over..seems like 3 of my 8 batteries have a low charge which when distributed over the 8 batteries is dragging down the overall voltage…I hooked up 4 of the 8 and we were back in business with power. The electolyte levels are fine so I am gonna recharge the 3 ( but I need an extra to make sure I have 12v (2 6v batteries in a series)) so I use a battery with a good charge too. The batteries were 6 years old when I got them so they might be on their last legs..I do have the option to shut off the 65% auto off on my inverter but that will really kill the batteries if the charge is low…that will happen if I cannot get these batteries to hold a proper charge though cause there is no sense trying to save batteries that are beyond saving


..also, I just corrected a spelling mistake after I got home off the bus and checked the post..not that I usually correct the mistakes but I had title regret…I should have had a Batman or Spiderman quote since I don’t really like Superman..who likes a superhero that needs venerablilities invented to make a story interesting..I like a superhero who has weaknesses..such as BatteryMan..low voltage and uncareful owners are his weaknesses…I think it might be the only way I ever accomplish my dream of becoming a comic super-Villian…obviously comic as in comic book but consider BatteryMan copyrighted as soon as I save this edit (just in case, hehe) well as any likenesses or images which COULD emerge. Hehe


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2 responses to “It’s a’s a plane..

  1. Lee

    November 16, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    I’ve wanted to live off grid since I discovered I was on-grid. Had a Home Power subscription for years … they still send me the online copy even though I’ve repeatedly told them I don’t have a subscription right now.

    Maybe someday. Don’t tell Robin. She likes her hair dryer.

    When I saw your title I didn’t think of Superman. I thought of a song by “Axis of Awesome”, namely “Birdplane.” That might not be the typical response though …

  2. eagergridlessbeaver

    November 17, 2011 at 10:08 am

    hehe, I won’t! I got ‘Home Power’ for a while too but there was not enough new material and it always seemed to be rehashing old articles..

    Never heard of that song but I will take a look!


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