Battery Bank Status

07 Mar


..I sometimes forget to do posts if I don’t take a picture of things…yeah, this is not a shot of the battery bank, sue me!

Last fall we were having some power issues and so I bought some gear to test the state of the batteries. When I tested them out they were all in an OK state…but hovering just at the edge of OK..I also learned more about my setup and how to optimize the charge based on system size. Out solar array is undersized (until we hook up the other 4 panels we have) for the size of the battery bank we what we ended up doing was splitting the 8 batteries into 2 ‘banks’. One charges via solar and the other we trickle charge then occasionally switch them up so the other is active on solar has been working great to tell the less size = better overall performance. Now don’t get me wrong it also means less availible power but at least running lights and doing our day to day tasks has not been an issue. Come Spring I will put them all back on 1 bank but for now the bank runs as 2 independent systems to maximize charges and ensure that we get the batteries topped up when the sun is up. I don’t recommend this as a general practice but we are just trying to make these nearly dead batteries last as lomg as they can before we buy some more!

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