Beginning of Tentative Coop Area

06 Apr

Cleaned out behind the shed for the beginning of the temporary coop..we don’t mind the chickens out when we are home but when we are not here they have been into we are planning out an area for them and sealing off part of it to break the chickens in..

This orange temporary fencing idea I stole from another blog and it works great for chickens..not so much for predators…or dogs as Loki sprinted through it when we first put it did not slow her down..right through it.


..on day 1 with the fencing up I watched a hen walk back and forth between the shed and the coop. It was a slow day..hehe

..and once again my post text was gone..odd stuff going on here. Might be something with my phone as I am on the laptop now..odd. It sure ain’t purdy but it works until we have it all figured out..and put the other side on.

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Posted by on April 6, 2012 in Animals, Construction, Fowl


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