slab table version 2

29 Apr

here is the newest version of the slab table we have been working on. I was working on the table top and after I was finished the second round of planing and sandind I thought I would see what it looked like…I took some of the brackets  that we bought at ikea and mounted them in a corner, placed the slab on top and leveled it off, attached the Ikea table leg (after twist adjusting the height) and secured it all..looks pretty good and we are happy with the semi-finished far anyway. I am going to sand it again to get rid of some of the extra scrapes and dry areas then we pick some stain and we will be in the final stretch..and no more eating on the couch (but after it was up we had supper..and finished our meals on the couch before remembering we now had a corner table to eat on).







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2 responses to “slab table version 2

  1. Lee

    May 2, 2012 at 2:26 am

    We used those exact same IKEA brackets for closet shelves in Phoenix. Robin and I have a weakness for IKEA. They may make it impossible for you to leave, but there are some neat home ideas there. I think the table will look very cool when finished. I especially like the sense of mass from the thickness.

    What’s the story on the bar stools? They’re awesome!

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      May 2, 2012 at 7:02 am

      yeah..Ikea is nice..for some of the stuff anyway..we were up to Ottawa and went and I had to drag A* out..we had no room but she kept on trying to say we could ‘fit it in’ our luggage..needless to say we were jammed packed on the flight home! We bought 16 of those brackets..we used them for our bookshelves and want to go further around the rooms with sometime soon!

      The bar stools..we bought off of kijiji ( craigslist for parts of Canada) for $20..I think might be swapped out for something with a back…not soon thought. Yeah, it should look pretty svelt once it is all stainted and done..soon!


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