Rise of the Mutant Chicks

29 May

Muhahahaha..rise my mutants!

Looks like we got one of each of our various breeds of hens..all mixed with a dash of Rhode Island Red..due to ‘Red’ the rooster being the papa.


Amazing how chicks are hard wired..they are out of the shell and within hours are pecking and walking about and chirping. We started with 9 eggs, 2 were left unhatched, 1 disappeared and 2 chicks died as they were emerging..accidentally crushed by Ma I think. But a 50% survival rate is much better than last years results where we only got 1 chick in 9 eggs.


…and after last years ‘chicken rejection’ where we ended up keeping 9 chicks indoors in our emergency patched ‘brooder’ it is REALLY nice to have Ma the hen taking care of all about easy! hehe..A* and I are on the fence as to whether or not we should do away with ‘Red’ the rooster since we have decided this will be the only batch for the year..with 4 more (potential) fully grown chickens we have more than we need..or we also might end up selling a ‘chicken starter kit’ with 2-3 hens and a rooster. We will see.



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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Fowl


One response to “Rise of the Mutant Chicks

  1. jambaloney

    May 30, 2012 at 7:35 am

    whoa there, dr frankenstein – it;s a start but i don’t see any thumbs ;-))

    hahahaha – just kidding – they look as awesome as ma does cranky – will they be tasty??

    cheers dude!


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