Morning Coffee With Hoppy, Twirp and BladeRunner

26 Jul

A* has coffee with Hoppy, Twirp and Bladerunner (the chickens/fowl)..they are hard to see due to being in boxes..and it took too long to get Hoppy for me to risk opening the box and him getting out..


We have been trying to plan for a little the past we always let the chickens roam and we would put enough extra food and water out for the chickens..but with the recent fowl attacks we can no longer do this so we have decided to keep the chickens penned in their secure area while we are away..the problem is ( or was ) that Hoppy picks on the chicks and ‘Chickie’..not to mention that it is a small space to keep 6 adults and 3 chickens…so as a solution we gave Hoppy to someone who we were selling Twirp and BladeRunner ( the 2 Rhode Island Reds ) to…no more cramped space and no more random attacks!


..this way we are once again down to 3 adult birds who are laying eggs and 3 chicks ( or juveniles anyway )..which should be more than comfortable (and secure and safe) in the coop area while we are away. We liked Hoppy and were sad to see him go but Hoppy being penned up would have been disasterous for all of the other birds. A* also really misses BladeRunner who was the most tame and A* would always pick her up and carry her around the yard.

The 3 departing fowl are going to a free-range farm 20 minutes away so they will not suffer or anything..we were glad that they were able to go to such a great farm.

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