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To Do…

Our to do list on the weekend: create somewhat scary costumes..


Now onto the actual to do list ( and if you remember items from my previous to do lists please do not mention anything..I am trying to move forward and looking in the past for things I didn’t do is a bummer):

– winterize motorcycle and scooter
– winterize boler (new to the list this year)
– find a location for my friends trailer
– clean up shed in preparation for scooter and motorcycle storage
– fertilize lawn..gotta get on that
– finish gutters
– clean woodstove
– move wood
– move that freeking truck
– find shovels
– buy a new sled
– sharpen chainsaw
– water off
– put junk away
– winter tires on car
– scrapers…..and that might be it.
no, order propane.

..then sit back and enjoy everything that comes with massive snowdrifts and the sun setting at 4:30!


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Solar Oven End of Season

Dangnabbit..where did my text all go? I had a beautiful writeup with 14 poems..ah well. Here is a synopsis:

Woodstove season is quickly approaching (Nov1)..and with it comes an oven (it’s a cookstove) so we won’t need to use the solar oven to cook anything…so today was nice and sunny so I threw some squash from the garden in to slow-cook.


Only 7c today so it wasn’t overly hot but the sun was bright..I put the oven out at noon, put the food in 1/2 hour later and aligned the oven with the sun every hour and 4 hours later checked it..



..perfect! I am sure it was done earlier but one of my favorite things about the sun oven is that it seldom burns food. Sorry, no pictures of the final product after soup’izing the squash, the Mulligatawny soup was devoured as soon as it was ready..too good to wait to take a picture!


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1st Trim

..the grass seed has taken and most of it is up (including a reseed 2 weeks ago ) today we took 2 big steps forward…we took down most of the barriers (which were put up to keep the dogs off the growing grass )…

..then we got the manual lawn mower out of the shed and gave the grass its first trimming…it is supposed to help the grass grow better..I have been putting it off due to being afraid of trampling the grass seed I reseeded in areas a couple of weeks ago but it turned out fine. There ARE still some bare spots but that was due to it being in a lower area and the grass seed continually washing away when it rained..the spots are not too plentiful so I will probably end up reseeding them in the grass growing season is coming to an end..



After we cut the grass we stood back and are amazed at the difference the grass and level(er) ground makes..The funny thing is that I always hated grass and mowing and now I have 2-3 times as much as we ever did at our old house!



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It’s Frosty!

No ,not Frosty the Snowman..cold with frost. Yuck…


..the skull was brought over by my friends daughter while on a hike…she was going to bring it for show and tell at school but forgot it. Frost had nothing to do with it being in the picture.


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(read this imagining I am describing putting up gutters using a deep voice)

We have had gutters for almost 2 years. We decided to actually pick them out of the forest of weeds in the back of the house and put them up yesterday.

Here is how we decided to put up the gutters: argue, rant and complain..then listen to what A* is saying and do it properly.


First we found out what is ‘level’ with a line level and snap a chalk line..then measure 1/2 inch down on the side you want the water to pour out from and snap a new clak line for where the actual gutters will go…they suggest 1/2 inch for 40ft. We have heavy snowfall so we are putting in bracers every 16inches.


..balancing precariously is part of the job ( the way I do it )..try not to nearly fall off the poorly placed ladder.


If you are looking to end the project earlier I suggest buying the wrong downspout…worked for us! Coming in 2017..the back of the house!


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Nice Spread

Winter is coming (insert crying here) and you know what is not really useful in winter? Dirt..and poop..wet wood and canoes are not really all that useful either now that I think about it..soooooo we took down and moved our our squash/woodpile ( and did you notice the security camera in the woodpile from a couple of posts ago..sneaky) and covered it all with a tarp ( the squash was done growing..which became a sidedish at our Turkey dinner) and a canoe..expanded the flowerbed by 5 ft or so…

..used some of the manure we just got as fill in the bed( annuals there next late next spring ) and used some of the fill as fill for the REALLY uneven spots around the bed.


Going to hold off for a week or 2 before using the rest of the fill..I just didn’t have the heart to kill the sunflowers for the sake of progress..I will let Jack Frost do it the dirty work for me then finish off the area.



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Got a load of crap dropped in our yard..again. Our last load turned our ordinary squash into super squash so we figured we should get some more before the snow flies..which makes me sad.


Manure, shit, feces,’s all crap to us! hehe


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