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Double Coverage

Covered up the boler yesterday in preparation for a covering of snow…finally found a use for the portable garage covering that blew down a year and a half ago..we wrapped the boler up like a Christmas present but this one won’t be opened up until spring.



..we are about halfway through a snowstorm so we walked the loop…and made some snowman at various points..


..these snowman have a certain Halloween feel to them…hopefully they don’t scare the snowmobilers and cause them to accidentally drive off the trail.



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Christmas Trim

..don’t mind the dirty floor..before Christmas we did up some trim around the hearth and entryway. Nothing special..the hearth cuts were a little hard to get right due to the strange angles on the corners…the guy who made the hearthpad was drunk at the time.


..we had settled in for a long winters nap and have not been ultra energetic in getting things done as of late…but with the Christmas season coming to an end we will begin getting our winter chores done.


..merry Christmas and a happy new year all!


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The Road Work Warriors

..a shot of the muddy ‘old hole’ after the fix..the muddy(est) part is where we back-filled with dirt to try to make it level after repairing and reinforcing the hole that was there…but with the warmer than normal temperatures and rain it has turned the area into a mire..but it is still better than it was.


(..and what it looked like before )

..and the chickens…the remaining chickens that is. Gonzo was sluggish for a couple of days in October..and when we picked her up to examine her she literally died. We had no idea what the cause was..then a couple of days later Chickie started to act sluggish..we had not been regularly giving the chickens any treatment for worms and so in October we started..but a couple of weeks later Chickie died too..the treatment was not in time. After doing more research many people noted that when you see a sick chicken many times it is already too late to help them due to the fact that chickens attempt to hide being sick in the firstplace…so when they start showing being sick there is not much you can do..Either way it has been over a month now and no more sick birds so the treatment must have took. Worms (after researching) naturally occour in chickens but it can be magnified when they eat insects and actual worms..or get into other wild bird droppings..which must have been the case with Gonzo and Chickie…ah well..sad but this should (hopefully) be the last time it happens..I would like to say we know everything about chickens but it has been a learning experience. These are the first 2 losses we have had due to illness but from reading other blogs it seems like it does happen from time to time.


..we still have ‘hoder’, ‘taxi’, ‘blackbeard’ and ‘T-Bar’..the 3 chicks from this year and T-Bar is from 2 years ago. ‘hoder’ is the Rhode Island Red rooster from the shot and has begun to attempt to crow and the other 3 are laying..2 for the first time and one after 2 months of moulting..nice to have eggs again.


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Deer Hunting Season Ends

..and we all get to hike the loop again..not much happining around here..wood, reading and darkness abound..but at least we get to wander the woods without worrying about being shot..then again I really should rethink my hiking antlers anytime of year..hiking antlers are sooooo 2008.




The good news is with all the rain we get an early taste of spring…the driveway is a muddy disaster…mostly in the spot where I repaired the hole from earlier in the year..the culvert had partially caved so we put in a metal plate, rocks and covered it all with dirt..which is now 5 inches of mud..should solidify soon but it is still better then avoiding that massive hole.


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