Tree Trimming with Loki

03 Feb

‘..what is that Loki? You don’t like how the Japanese Maple is making you feel small since it grew so much this year?’


AH CRAP!..Loki basically knawed off 2/3 of the Japanese Maple while out ‘wrestling’ with Jango. WHen Jango does not want to wrestle Loki likes to grab a stick to try to entice Jango..and with all this snow there was not many sticks around…so I guess the Japanese Maple was the substitute. DAMN! It is in a sorry state now..which sucks royally since we had noticed that it really took off this year. Ah well..maybe it will work out fine.


(usually we take a shot from the land side but here is the land view of the water from the loop)


And it has been beautiful and cold here over the last couple of weeks..the skaters are out on the lakes in droves..we never usually see anyone when we do our loop but today there were 10 people out on the lake..


…and it looks like some coyotes and rabbits have been playing tag too..the tracks are all over the place on one of the trails.


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