21 Tree Salute

04 Mar

..did some cutting and burning this past weekend..The first shot is the area we cut in the pre-woodcutting season warm up…looks much different with the brush all gone. The chot actually looks down the cut property line at the back of the property:


..and this weekends chores..we cut down around 25 softwood trees and burned the brush..took 2 chainsaw tanks of gas and 3 hours..or so….some big and some small trees..we left the hardwood trees for now and we are going to decide a timeline for some work..we are thinking of putting an apple orchard back in this area but it is going to take cutting down 25 BIG hardwood..but if we are not going to get to the orchard this year we will only be making work for ourselves and could do the hardwood trees neaxt winter ( the 30 trees are proabably around 3-6 cord of wood)..we will think about things..but we really want around 25 apple trees!




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