Grape Trellis

16 Sep

…thanks to an acting up camera/phone I have no ‘during the dig’ shots of putting up the trellis..but rest assured that it was a harrowing experience..I kept hitting rocks and needed to expand the size of the of the holes was 4ft wide by the time I was able to get down 3ft ( seemed excessive for a 3ft deep 10 inch hole needed for sono tubes)..I was not able to get down to 4ft for any of the piers so I hope it does not shift too much with the freeze/thaw cycles of fall and spring.



..and after. We also attached/strung up some wire cabling to give the grapevines something to climb…The tops are going to have something esle attached but it took so long to dig the actual holes we decided to move onto other projects in the interim.


…we also painted the pressure treated lumber to stop the vines from touching the pressure treated wood. The vines are really liking the trellis so far..or at least seem pretty attached to it.


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Posted by on September 16, 2013 in Construction


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