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Clearing a Path

..well in order to clear all of the stumps we need to remove the stumps and also find a place to put all of the the first step is to clear away a path so we can move the stumps where they can be used for somethign useful..such as a hill ( which is on the other side of the property).


The idea is to clear a complete loop through the property so we can access all areas of the property while at the same time only pulling stumps which are in the way ( so we don’t have a bunch of stumps in the way while we work).


So far it has been going well..we did need to create some road rather than digging down in some places ( due to wild undulations of the land) but the new tractor is making quick(er) work of things!


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New Snow Implement

Well, winter has been rough and we want to keep our snowshoes in optimal shape so we bought a used tractor (and some rough implements).  Should be handy for a couple of more things too!




.. Also works well on creating parking spaces!


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