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Garden Survivors

.. Put some spinach and lettuce in the garden today and we still had some surviving from last fall.. Along with some cilantro.. Thyme seems to always do fine and while it loses its color it stays the same size.




Also put some spinach into one of the new garden beds and lettuce and spinach in the old raised boxes.  We eventually want to level off the current garden box area (fall) so we are setting up some temporary beds while we continue to clear and prep a bigger garden plot.  Each of the 2 new beds is equal to 4 of our raised beds.. The soil needs more work…



.. And while the tractor does a great job of digging and smoothing things out but the big rocks still need to be moved out/stacked for when the soil dries out and we can bring in the tractor to move the rocks oit.. Last fall was a muddy mess after a while which we eventually got into half decent shape before winter.. I am avoiding driving on the wet clay during the spring..



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Seeing Things

sometimes you can become so used to seeing something in an unfinished state that you think of that as normal..normal means you don’t have to spend time on something…Well recently A* and I were looking around deciding what we needed to do…and saw some incomplete the front door trim:



..we walked by this for the last 5 years and seldom even thought about it as something which needed to be finished..well we spent the time today to finish off the work…finally.




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Lighter Lugging

Lugging wood is much easier thanks to the road implement and some chains. Fairly balmy temperatures make for a muddy working area..although last winter was a mess this year and the extra 2 months of mud have not been much fun either.


We cut the trees off with 4 feet of trunk left on.. Saw some neat YouTube videos of pulling them out with a tractor with the stumps this length so we are gonna try it out in a year or so after the stump is dead.

And a couple nice bonfires too..this one burned for 24 hours at this point.
We also get a nice view of the treestand (we inherented) from our bedroom window.


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