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Fire Shine

..well, with clearing land comes the need to burn brush and well dried stumps which have been sitting out of the ground for 9 months..and what is a fire without friends and peach moonshine!


If you squint and use your imagination I look just like a 1984 Tom Selleck..perhaps a shot of moonshine would help too. If you also squint even harder there is a proper rock wall behind the fire…maybe 2 shots of moonshine would help you see it.


A Shrubbery!


Looking around the yard many of the perennials are in a pitched battle for space and the space they require growing.. So we have been working at creating new beds and relieving some spacing issues by creating separate spaces for perennials to grow into the future.. And a whack of shrubs!





Flowering dogwood,  sandcherry,  spirea x 2, goji, haskap, wegelia and potenella..and now we wait for beauty and berries to arrive.. In 2 years..


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Rocks Abound

I am not even sure if I can tell the difference between these 2 shots from these angles..
..but A* and I have been moving (literally) tons of rocks of all sizes..we got small ones, bigs ones, thin ones, fat ones, heavy ones and light ones, dark ones and light ones, dirty ones and clean ones, chipped ones and scraped ones..basically we have a holy shitpile of rocks. Makes me wonder if we should have started the ‘land clearing’ with a title of ‘rock finding’ that way we might be upset if we did not find the rocks..which we always do. The tractor does make easier work but it is still time consuming uncovering the rocks, piling the rocks, loading the rocks…actually the unloading is fairly easy and goes fast.

Not much rain this spring as the tractor has not been rutting up the ground and things are becoming more level..and less rocky! AdriAAAAAAn!