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Border Collie Run-Ins

…Jango is gone so nobody ( dog ) is around to tell Loki that she is better off not taking a run at 2 local border collies who live in a barn with horses..Becoming a space dog might help cement the memory in Loki’s 1/2 border collie brain!


Truthfully it is mostly (the ghost of)Jangos fault as Loki learned to interact with these 2 via Jango’s usual method..charging in and seeing what happens. Loki has been great with all other dogs we meet in the park (without Jango) but both of these groups learned early on that they did not get along..hopefully I can change this as the 2 dogs in question are actually quite nice and friendly.

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End of the Jangozotoic Era


13 years with the old boy..never easy watching a dogs health rapidly decline but he had a great life..He was a terror to garbage cans everywhere but he will be missed. Now Jango gets to rest peacefully beside Nova for evermore. Good luck Jango and hopefully heaven is full of unsecured meat trimming filled garbage cans.


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Full Swing

Nice to have the heat of summer back..and the garden is starting to pop..including there new Scarlett runners ( in a temporary space for this year while we finalize the yard space).




And the grape trellis is really growing like crazy..had to trim it down twice already as it was getting hard to walk by without the vines attempting to pull you in..looks like a bumper crop this year. Soon all the perennials will be flowering too which will help beautify the situation…very dry for the last month too…which is odd for the area.


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