Green Roof Options

12 Aug

We are already doing our part for the environment so the green roof is more a color choice than anything else! A* and I needed a new roof..our current roof was on its last legs and while it has not leaked yet the roasted shingles are toast…and since we needed a new roof we also considered another relevant aspect…snow loads…and came to a decision: we would pay more for a roof which sheds snow…it will be nice not having to climb up on that roof in the winter!

Should not be too much longer to finish off the work..then we can reattach our gutters..which we need so we have more water has been SOOOOOO dry here that our dug well is very the point where we have had to step back on aggressive watering to the point where the lawn it starting to crisp…I don’t recall things ever being this dry…there has been a ban on even going in the woods in the area and camp fires are not allowed either. Makes for easy land clearing on the silver lining department.

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Posted by on August 12, 2016 in Construction


One response to “Green Roof Options

  1. Emily Summer

    August 14, 2016 at 2:14 am

    Have you put those metal panels up horizontally? No way they will shed snow that way. Am I seeing the picture wrong? The panels should be vertical.


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