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Garden Overhaul

..A* and I have been talking for quite some time about a larger garden area..and next year we are going to make it happen. The raised beds did a great job for us over the years but decided with a larger garden the boxes were not needed…so we disassembled the raised boxes, transported the garden soil to 3 new(er) garden beds and flattened the whole area.



So, RIP garden beds..may your new area bring you nothing but prosperity, veggies and worm castings.

..and covered over the Boler too..with a new method for keeping things tied down with some meshing we inherited ( truthfully we got a whole boat (31ft) but after spending around 20 hours on fixing the boat up we discovered an area of rot ( the whole lover part of the hull) and we had to set the boat out to the form of a dump). The whole sailboat experience was really that boat ownership is expensive and best left to those who have money and live on the coast.

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How to Make a Huge Batch of Grape Jelly

Step 1: grow grapes and spend time nurturing, supporting and trimming the vines for maximum production\
Step 2: go back in time 3 days to a simpler time when birds did not know that the grapes were a food source…


dang you birdholes! I had plans to eat several hundred biscuits with that jam! I think next year we will harvest a little earlier and not wait for the weather to turn cold..the birds apparently did all damage over the course of 1 day..’Hey, D- I noticed a bunch of birds in the yard yesterday’ but they were not back when I cam home today’ maybe some netting for end of season…or an early harvest..or an ambush. I have a year to plan.

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Posted by on October 23, 2016 in Gardening, produce