Recent Trail Shots..

22 Aug

..some shots from a recent trail camera time period. Lots of fun stuff going on but with 3200 shots we decided to limit it to the abnormal ( mostly ). Soooo many shots of us and Loki but most of them are the same..a tree moves, a truck goes by, tractoring, Loki chasing squirrels, Loki chasing deer, Loki chasing woods demons ( only she can hear or see but she seems confident that they are there ), chores..etc. It is fun to review the shots but after 15 minutes the shots all seem the same. I did start wearing a cowboy hat to make my security camera shots seem more entertaining so stay tuned, I should have one up in another 8 months or so. Battery life is amazing in this trail camera.

Yes, I love my hiding spot (I moved it finally ), the longest I have ever had one of the cameras in one spot. I also lost one of my other spots too when the birdhouse which usually holds it finally disintegrated. Not that a mourning dove ever set foot it it ( I guess poorly designed overly big birdhouses are not their thing).

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Posted by on August 22, 2018 in Construction


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