Some Like it Long

15 Sep

Added a new food bed. We took out the raised beds we had near our dwelling and have been growing only tomatoes, peppers and zucchini since that time. The bed soil from the raised beds went into 2 other beds with 2 haskap(s) and a goji shrub and the other bed is (now) filled with oregano ( 8ft x 5ft). Great soil but we wanted to start fresh and do some experiments with augmenting our clay soil so we can do more with it in the future instead of trucking soil in to grow ( spoiler: we do buy a little for top dressing ).

This new bed is in a wetter area ( during wet weather anyway) so we thought it would be a good spot to plant in the future with raised beds. We dug a 35ft x 4ft(ish) rectangle in full sun down 1ft to break up the soil. Next we took 4 tractor bucket loads of soil which was originally the plant matter for the area. When we cleared the land with the tractor I pushed all of the top layers of soil and dirt into a mound and let it all sit and break down. Now after 3 years the soil seems rich in composted vegetable matter. Still some clay spots but not too bad as it seems broken down.

Finished off with a truckload of some good garden soil and in a week or 2 we will mix in some sheep manure and cover the whole thing for the winter and test the soil in the spring. Hopefully it all goes well and it is our new model for bigger beds in the future!

..been working on a publication for my mother and I still have an Adobe Spark account for 3 days. Neat little program ( I used it with an inDesign publication )..but I digress. The moral to the story is don’t expect more artistically motivated pictures ( yes, I am looking at one of you ).


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2 responses to “Some Like it Long

  1. Leigh

    September 29, 2018 at 8:01 am

    I found your blog by following links. :) Interesting that you took down your raised beds. I’d be curious as to why. I found that raised beds dry out too quickly in my part of the country, so I abandoned them. I’m now experimenting with boxed beds but not raised.

    I envy all your rocks! Sounds crazy, I know, but we have so few rocks here. They are useful for borders and retaining walls.

    • eagergridlessbeaver

      October 11, 2018 at 9:39 am

      Yes, our raised beds were always too dry too..we have liked the results from planting slightly raised beds in the ground so we are taking it further..the other reason for taking down the raised beds was that the wood was rotting out after 10ish years and we did not want to rebuild and we also wanted to go bigger now that we have room..AND we also are looking to put the house on an actual foundation and it would be (partially) where the old raised beds were.

      Yea, the rocks ARE handy but they are everywhere..very useful for making raised beds though!


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