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See Ya Later Cookstove

Well…we love our Enterprise cookstove but tending the small firebox constantly, double splitting wood and less heat have finally forced the issue to the point where we made a change. The cookstove is going to the shed ( for some envisioned future expansion ( or a rust pile)) and we bought a new woodstove with higher heat output and longer burn times. Takes bigger pieces of wood too which will cut down on splitting time substantially. We have had a propane stove for 3 years so the cookstove was not as necessary as it was in the past.

We will miss you! Thank you for the 10 years of awesome service!

The light from the stove is also awesome at night.

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New Bed Beginnings

…this was the beginning. What started with a group of 3 bushes became 11 new bush beds and 20 bushes. A* will not upload the shots from her phone but I am hoping she will read this and post them as a last resort.