New Beds ( before the snow )

18 Nov

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. A nice warm(er) day before the snow files is always such a treat..if you squint hard the frost on the grass looks like dew on a warm sunny morning.

Grabbed about 25 pitts from a nice cherry tree in the city I am hoping to get a version of..Might not make it but for the 10 minutes it took to clean the fruit it seems worth a shot. The biggest problem might be identification of the cherries once the weeds grow in. Hopefully.



A ‘rose of sharon’ bed (9) from 1st year seedlings. Our neighbor grew the ‘rosh of sharon’ and he said he would drop ‘one’ by..but he meant a bunch so we decided to put in a whole 25 ft raised bed after we had just finished off the other beds…but free shrubs are free shrubs. They are small and might not make it but worth a try. We also doubled down on this new bed and put in 14 grape in we cut off a new growth and put 2 buds underground and 2 above for each cutting. WHen I finally did it I think I might have missed the ideal dates but I was trimming the grape bush back and thought I would try anyway with the spare room..if they take we will move them next year.

..and the rest of the bushes..rhododendron, smoke bush, 2 viburnums, 2 9-bark, dappled willow, 2 french hens and a turtledove, Hard to tell with no leaves left on anything but I blame winter for the poor tree identification..I know there are 3 more shrubs.


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