Sturdier fortified with ugliness!

24 Nov


..our most prized tractor implement has started to pay the price of time out in the and mud..rain and hard work began to take a toll on the old rear blade of ours ( it was rusted when we got it with the tractor as part of the price negotiation process ). The backhoe is great but for versatility and day-to-day usage the rear blade rules supreme. Moving and leveling dirt, moving dirt, moving rocks and most importantly of is our snowplow so when we noticed it was beginning to pull free due to rust we began to worry..last spring ( it was a ‘tomorrow D-‘ problem which tends to be put on the back burner until something comes to a head..well, the blade nearly ripping free on a fall test run was the impetus we needed to start getting the blade snow-shape before we needed it in the winter.

These things are not cheap brand new…which makes us happy to have it welded anew for $100. It did take me nearly 3 hours to loosen the bolts so I could get the blade off the rest of the entire read blade tractor attachment ( once again thanks rust ) so that it would easily fit into the bed of the truck..but the time is well spent in compared to spending an additional $1400 on a new blade. I was in such a celebratory mood that I also ordered $150 in 1-and-3 gravel..which is the bigger stuff for road building..which we are going to use to cover uneven ground in an area we want to drive through without having to remove trees or dig down. The path winds through a copse of jack spruce on our property so if we did down we would immediately be in roots and we will end up killing all the tree roots..which is to be avoided for now.

Either way..this winter we are all set and fortified for snow plowing. Now lets hope there is no snow this year so we don’t have to use it…ignore the snow on the ground..that amount I could deal practically is not snow.

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