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Snow Day Painting

..A* loves when the snow flies and combines with workdays and gets a net result of a day where driving is deemed dangerous and she gets to stay home..and complete jobs around the hacienda…

Like finishing off our cupboards painting job. We bought these cupboards years ago for a good price and we are finally getting around to painting them. This is the 3rd set of cupboards we have painted so we are getting pretty good at it..the MOST important thing is the degreasing and sanding..followed by painting. Since this is a cheap set we also opted to not even take the doors off while doing the work..a huge time saver. Last time I did it I think it took longer to put the doors back on then it did to paint everything so we wanted to avoid that hassle!

We ran out of paint and still need to do a little more but this is the more ‘finished’ side.

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Posted by on December 18, 2018 in Construction