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Garden Planted

Well the small garden is planted and covered with mulch..too much of it but we decided to leave it for this year. By our estimations the garden soil may not be up for real growth this year ( but we could be wrong ) rather than overdo it we just want to get some things going. 3 zucchini, a bunch of musk melon, onions, beans, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and more…

We also need to make something to get over top of the beds without having to lean onto the bed and compact things..when we make some more of these this summer we are not going to go nearly as wide..I forgot how hard to tend things are when it is this wide.

ALso, the picture of the growing cherry trees from seed..hopefully in the fall we we have a number of whips to transplant to other locations when they go dormant. They are really small now but we are hoping they make it ( or even 1)…worth it for the time it took to harvest the pits from the trees!

Also, 4 new bushes in this ‘reinvigorated’ area ( 2 varieties of false spiraea and 2 dwarf cherry bushes ( you can only see some of them in this shot ) ..yes we have a problem)  Much of the soil in this bed is from our old garden boxes so it should not need much to get going.

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