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Coop Cleanup has ben 10 years since we completed the chicken coop..and 5 years since we had time for a cleanup.

We never did put anything on the outside to protect things and water/squirrels and mice have been at the first thing we did was remove all of the insulation and things..

The idea for us is to change the coop into a bigger shed by putting the structure on posts and then extending the structure..then turning the old shed into a bunkie of sorts ( after putting it on posts too in ( all in (double) preperation for putting our house/camp/x on a foundation in the next couple of years.

The place was a mess..but it is cleaned up and keeping the bikes safe and dry until the work of putting in comcrete piers can begin in a week or 2. Might have some time on my hands due to nCOVID-19.

The hole in the last shot is not rot related but Loki and squirrel related. All the time I was working on the coop Loki had it in her mind that I was only doing the work to scare out any squirrels which Loki has been hunting for 5 years. By the time I finished round 1 of cleaning Loki was a tired disaster due to constant running around looking for imaginary squirrels running out of the structure.


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Making Annuals

Wow..we get to save ourselves nearly $4 in annuals! What a savings!

OK..not so thrilling but into part 2 of dealing with addictions with shrubs. Propigation through cuttings from a coulple of annuals which we did not use last year as well as a ground cherry and Wandering Jew. The plant. We cut them off from the parent plants 3 weeks ago. Applied root starter then and now all of the seedlings have healthy root growth. We wanted more practice with starting plants from cuttings so we can attain more shrubs and bushes this coming spring via the same method…we are going to do another round of annuals this week is too easy and from 1 plant we should be able to get 20 clones or so in total.

..and we planted lettuce. We have ( and ordered more of ) waaaay too many seeds. So for sun we are trying to grow some lettuce inside.

Prepping for later in the month where we will be putting our veggies into pots as we await the last frost!


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