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Rockin It

Rocks anyone? Well, we needed a new place to store our shrubs in time for fall planting season. The rocks are from the dirt pile we have been removing dirt from..which was all the original ground

cover for the cleared area..Soil is in great shape after 4-5 years.

Some of the soil we used for new beds and others we made into new garden beds for a more bountiful harvest next year..hopefully.

Finalised. Going to be primarily dedicated to A* favorite brown eyed susans..and more. Loki like it and basks in the final days of sunny fall weather..going to turn cold really soon..already 2 frost warnings.

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Piles of Wood

Well, we have a whole lot of stacked wood going on now. Most of the area we cleared in the summer is now a wood storage area. download_20190925_074427we also went back to regular stacking vs the Hulsfors from last year. The round shape made covering difficult so we went back to our usual method. Let’s hope for a short burning season!

Yes. Needs some finalizing work but mid task is never a good time to augment short term storage for longevity!

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New Path to the Garden

Well..still some wood for next year in the way but we levelled off the old raised bed area, created a new path to the lower garden and creaded an ornamental raised bed below the oak/chestnut tree..Amazing how fast things go with the tractor bucket is on.

( but the first shot is of the new area I am pulling stumps up from )

..and once we are happy with things we will wait until fall and then put grass seed down. Grass is not our end goal.but it is much easier to deal with than weeds are!

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Ol’ Red Touch-Up

Well the tractor needed some attention. The previous owners did not cover the tractor and stored it outside..there was some rust when we got it which we never addressed..until today. Not the most fashionable point job but it should help protect things from rusting out and needing replacing.

And, we put the backhoe back on the tractor to begin pulling stumps and doing some other work in the future..only took me 1.5 hours to get it on..really and exercise in trial and error..which is very frustrating in 30+ degree weather!

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Grape Shape

..over the first 5 years of having grapes we have had great success with growing grapes..but in reading about wineries and encouraging proper shape of grapes plants I thought the trellis area could use some augmentation. Early spring I hacked off all of the vines I did not want to keep and limited growth to 2 or 3 vines on each plant with the hopes of training the vines in a more controlled fashion. The though process is that we do not want lots and lots of grapes but we want less grapes with more size and flavor…worth a try…experimentation is fun!


..and as the season progresses I have been giving it a trim up to continually shape the vines..Not a fast process but by this time next year the vines should be all trained up! The trellis looks a little bare this year compared to other years as a result..but the growth is still fairly healthy


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Garden Growing

Well, the garden has been doing OK..soil needs more work as there was too much clay to fix all at once. We made the bed too wide and it is hard to really work as a result but we will make due for now. We also created 2 new smaller and less wide beds for next year ( the park pic ). One thing we did do with these 2 beds is add char ( near 10% ) to help things grow..I have seen that it does not work out in year 1 ( but that was OK as we mostly want to establish the bed now and did not expect vigorous growth in the new beds)…we will see! Next year we are going to have much more concentrated beds.

..and a shot of A* from a recent foggy hike.



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Bountiful Bushes

..the bushes and garden are doing of the bigger bushes we bought is not doing great but it is surviving and our smoke bush did not take at all so we bought a new one this spring. The weather has been worse than usual this spring and early summer..which is saying something considering it is NEVER a good spring and early summer..but hopefully enough warm weather to produce some veggies!

Burning bush, dappled willow. the garden ( end of it anyway ), grapes getting started from cutting, Loki guarding a groundhog den ( they left ), ninebark, new perennial bed for plants with no place to go, rose of sharon and our new smokebush ( with the old one in the image too).

And some heating sticks for next winter..we have about 2 cord from last year and about 3 cord of softwood chunked up ( and about 2 cord of hardwood in lengths)..but we did not want to run out or be forced to process more hardwood. Not sure were we are going to stack it yet as our 2 usual storage areas are going through a makeover..


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